Han's Story

I’m Han, and I’m here to help you become the most confident, fittest and strongest version of you!

Because life’s way too short to not feel your absolute best. But in saying that, it’s so much more than the way your body looks in the mirror. I believe fitness is the best medicine for boosting your physical, emotional and mental health too. I love making sure my workout sessions are something you’ll look forward to! Fun, full of energy, simple to follow and super effective when it comes to results (and a bit of a laugh here and there!).

I’m a qualified personal trainer with over 15 years’ experience. I share my huge passion for health and fitness with my husband Luke, in fact, this is how we first met! I prescribed daily workouts, weights and running intervals for his rugby season, and the following year he made his debut for the Crusaders, then two years later for the All Blacks. I’ve never been so proud, and I know how hard he worked for this!

I even trained The Crusaders. I was their first female trainer...woohoo!

Over the Covid-19 Lockdown, I regularly trained the Crusaders rugby team online. If they can train online, you can too!

Over the years I’ve coached coaches, managed gyms and over lockdown I even ended up training The Crusaders for a few weeks (their first female trainer – woohoo!), to put them through their paces with at-home workouts. But don’t worry, your workouts don’t need to be this intense! Unlike so many fitness fads of today, this isn’t some one-off, strict 30-day challenge to permanently exhaust you. I’m all about achieving kickass sessions of exercise to boost your energy, help you see real progress, and make sure you feel great while doing it.

I started my online training programme when I was pregnant with our first child, as I was so passionate about health and fitness education and training. Unfortunately, at 37 weeks I had a still birth, the most heart breaking life event I’ve ever been through. 

Three months later I had planned to start working online with my clients, and even though my baby wasn’t in my arms, continuing on with this really helped me get through the grief and stay active. I put on my big girl pants, smiled away and helped to make a positive change in others’ lives – which is why I love what I do!

Fast forward a few years, and I’m now a busy mum of two (we hit the jackpot with two healthy boys!), so I understand that finding balance is key. I’ve learned that I can operate with half the sleep I used to, and I’ve found my career also now includes being a chef, cleaner, comedian, rapper and ace hugger. But being healthy matters more to me now than ever, and I love sharing my knowledge and helping guide my clients through their fitness journey.

Being healthy matters more to me now than ever, and I love sharing my knowledge and helping guide my clients through their fitness journey.

One of my favourite things about fitness is that it can be so flexible. Think of me as your personal trainer in your pocket, here for you any time of day or night! You might be at home in your lounge or garage, at an empty spot in the gym (switching up your workouts), with a couple friends or at the local park. You just need a computer, ipad or phone, hit play, and I’ll be right there with you!

You've got this!


Baby Loss Awareness

I talked to Laura McGoldrick from the Hits and shared my own story of losing our son after suffering stillbirth just weeks before he was due. Going through our tragic experience has made me appreciate and cherish the two healthy boys we have. To those who struggle or are struggling with infertility, loss, and grief … NEVER give up your fight or hope! Exercise helped me get through this experience. I workout for my head and my heart, not the mirror!

Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place from 9th to 15th October every year, ending with International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day on October 15th. It provides an opportunity for parents, families, and whanau around New Zealand to come together and remember the lives of their babies who have died.

We acknowledge the lives and deaths of all babies, no matter what their gestation, length of life, or how they died. It is also a chance to highlight the work done by Sands around the country.

For support for bereaved parents visit sands.org.nz