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Salads vs Soulfood

When we think about hearty soulfood and a well-balanced plate, non-starchy veggies are a great tool to help us feel fuller and get plenty of nutrients in. This is because non-starchy veg are lower in calories.

The benefits of training in winter

Exercise helps the body to release endorphins, which will make us feel a whole lot happier. Exercise has also been shown to reduce stress hormones as well as naturally helping to combat those “winter blues”

warm chia pudding breakfast meal

Warm Chia Pudding

Try this delicious, easy, warm chia pudding for your breakfast to motivate you through your winter chillier workout!

Kumara Fudge

Kumara Fudge – a yummy healthy snack recipe made by Han Romano that will keep your appetite for hours!!

han romano walking in the botanical gardens

Listening To Your Body

You might think that strict dieting and working out as much as possible will help put you at the peak of health, but the reality is it’s all about balancing our mental and internal health too.

Protein Slice

As the afternoon slump hits most of us, we need a healthy “pick me up”. This will satisfy those 3pm cravings!