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Returning to fitness after having a baby

Having a baby is a momentous task and impact to your body but one of the most important elements is knowing your body when it comes to returning to fitness.

Han Romano with her baby in arms

Adjusting to mum life can be a juggle especially with next to no sleep and caring for your child 24/7 can seem daunting however the joy that comes with having a baby is incredible. 

More often than not the focus is what pregnancy did to a woman’s body rather than focusing on what your body has just created!!!! Every woman should know her power and not give in to “demanding ideals”. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t workout that day. Postpartum training is all about rebuilding strength and stability, yes it’s super boring but it’s all worth it. 

When can I go back to training?

Doctors recommend 6 weeks before starting back slowly into exercise but that doesn’t mean you can go do a high-intensity workout or a crossfit class. Your body has gone through trauma and it’s important it heals so that you don’t cause issues down the track. I recommend starting with walking, take it slow, Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

Another great option is to stretch, yes I know it’s not going to get your heart rate up. However, your body needs alignment, to improve posture and no doubt your muscles will be tight. 

I highly recommend seeing a pelvic floor woman’s physio after having a baby. They are truly amazing. They will give you exercises that help repair your pelvic floor and again will help you later in life when you sneeze, run or jump!

How do I get back into fitness after having a baby?

I often get asked this question…

The key thing is everyone is different and what some can do at 6 weeks postpartum is different to others. But working out a balance of workouts to ensure your not overdoing it and enabling your body to heal whilst returning to fitness.

I recommend starting with 3-4 workouts a week and building if you feel like you can. Remember to listen to your body.

  1. Beginner Pilates – even if you use to be able to do advanced I recommend starting back at beginner to ensure you’re not overdoing it.

  2. A walk up a hill or around the block.

  3. Strength class – this could be anything from a circuit class or light weight workout. It’s important to slowly build weight and/or reps, start low and increase only in small increments.

Just remember…..

➕ Be gentle with yourself

➕ Always remember how beautiful you are

➕The journey you have taken

Bringing life into this world is a MAGICAL gift 

Healthy is a feeling, NOT an image


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