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Meet the Team

No beating around the bush – our team is fricken awesome! 

Han Romano

Fitness Coach

I share my huge passion for health and fitness with my husband Luke, in fact, this is how we first met!

Over the years I’ve coached coaches, managed gyms and over lockdown, I even ended up training The Crusaders for a few weeks.

I’m all about achieving kickass sessions of exercise to boost your energy, help you see real progress, and make sure you feel great while doing it.

Hannah Romano Fitness Trainer
Tristin Apse Yoga Teacher

Tristin Apse

Yoga Teacher

I have an accessible teaching style with an emphasis on a down-to-earth approach to all things yoga. My classes are smart, efficient and fun they are designed to leave you feeling GOOD in body and mind.

With over 27 years of committed yoga practice in a variety of styles and 20 years as a massage therapist, I have a deep understanding of the body.

Taryn Currie

Pilates Instructor

Han’s program is great! Not only does it cater for any fitness level but also for time you may or may not have or allocate to working out and how your feeling! Whether it’s gentle stretching, Yoga, Pilates or a fast passed high intensity session! There really are no excuses not to move your body!

I have been in the fitness industry since 2010, with a passion for helping the everyday person build healthy realistic maintainable habits. I have 2 gorgeous kiddos and a wonderful husband.
I studied my first Pilates course in 2015 and own Studio Pilates Rangiora. Pilates has given me and so many clients a better quality of life and a real connection and understanding of ones own body.

Taryn Currie Pilates
Emma Wylie Nutrition

Emma Wylie

Registered Nutritionist

I’m Emma Wylie and I’m a New Zealand Registered Nutritionist, with a degree in Human Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Auckland.

I love being a nutritionist, and supporting and empowering others to feel confident, strong, positive and healthy, eating what’s right for their bodies needs. Food has such an impact on how our physical body performs for us – not just in our fitness goals, but in our overall health from our immune system to our longevity to our brain function.

I love yoga, hazy craft beer, time with family and friends, HIIT pilates, hiking and running, fresh bread and cheese, gelato, skiing and the sun – social times, eating, drinking, activities and outdoors! 

Be the healthiest, strongest and happiest you!

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