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Your dose of fitness, health and wellbeing information with Han.

Chats with Han – Toni Street

Toni Street shares what being healthy means to her and the challenges of her autoimmune disease. We talk about running the house and managing busy routines.

Chats with Han – PJ

I had the pleasure of chatting to the wonderful PJ, we spoke about why keeping fit is important, how to stay clear of the "noise" of social media and society's…

Embracing Confidence In Your Clothes

I share my personal perspective on the habit of relying on activewear as a default outfit and neglecting the rest of our wardrobe. I confess that even I, like many…

Chats with Han – Emma Wylie

Emma shares tips on Menopause and how we can plan our lifestyle. "We are in the age of oversharing... Let's normalise talking about menopause"
Honor Carter

Chats with Han – Honor Carter

Talks about the balance of motherhood. She shares about her ambition to say yes to more things for the young ones and take opportunity in life.