Why Workout with Han

Make Fitness Fun!

Han delivers new workouts every week that are fun, easy to follow along with and can be easily worked into a busy schedule. You don’t need fancy gym equipment, just the motivation to get your fitness gear on, and get into it.

The best part? You can do Han’s workouts anywhere! At home in the lounge, in your back yard, when your travelling for work, on holiday – the list goes on. Han is your very own on-demand personal trainer. 

how it works

Weekly class schedule

Every day, new workouts are added online. You can choose to follow along with Hannah ‘real time’ or select from the many workout videos in the library.







Frequently asked Questions

This programme is for anyone who wants to become fitter, faster, stronger and the best version of yourself! This programme isn’t gender specific, therefore we can all achieve our goals. 

Nine workouts a week, each following the same format and usually take 30 minutes.
You can complete the workouts anytime that suits you. Each week we have  strength workouts, body weight workouts, fat burning (HIIT) workouts, yoga, pilates and meditation.
Every workout has active and static stretches with demonstration videos for every movement so you are confident and have correct technique for the exercises. Each workout is simple to follow, you press PLAY and follow me! 
– A smartphone, iPad, laptop or desktop to play the workouts 
– Skipping rope
– Box or something to stand on 
– Weights: you can use tins from your pantry or set of dumbbells (Recommended 3-6kg depending on fitness level)
Other items that you may like to have are:
– Water bottle
– Yoga mat
– Music
– Sweat towel
– Foam roller
You will receive an email instantly with all the information to your nominated email address. (If you haven’t received your download link within 30 minutes from purchase, please check your Spam or Junk Mail folder. If the email is not in your Junk Mail folder, then please contact us at info@hanromano.com – it is possible that your email address was received incorrectly by our system or that the email bounced).

The aim of the programme is to move your body in the best way it can and create daily healthy habits that continue in your lifestyle forever. In this programme there are some healthy food ideas and nutritional support but no meal plans included. 

My response to this common statement is…you don’t have to be fit to start, you just have to start to be fit.
This programme is designed for all fitness levels, ages and abilities. Every exercise has a number of “scaling options” where you can pick what suits your abilities and strengths.

I recommend you do what you can, even if it is half the range of movement. As part of the programme you can use the “scaling options” to suit your ability.

This programme isn’t designed specifically for pregnancy or post-partum. I recommend that you consult with your health care professional regarding safe training and nutrition while pregnant as I do not know your specific circumstances and health background.

A little progress each day adds up to big results one day. There’s an old saying with consistent training 3 times a week…  in 2 weeks you’ll feel it, in 4 weeks you’ll see it, in 8 weeks you’ll hear it (from others).
The programme recommends taking photos of yourself at the beginning of the programme to track progress. 

The workouts can be completed anywhere and anytime that suits you. 

Yehaaaaa! This programme is available WORLDWIDE! 

Please email info@hanromano.com for any issue to be resolved. Please do not comment on any of Han Romano’s social platforms about accessing the programme. 
Please email info@hanromano.com, allowing 24-48 hours for your email to be answered (maybe longer during holiday weekends). 
Before you email our customer service team, please make sure your questions have not been answered in the FAQs section. 
Please note that Han Romano is unable to provide any individual advice on training or nutrition.

I get it, you’re so excited about joining the fitness programme that you typed an incorrect email address and haven’t received your email from us with all the information. Contact info@hanromano.com to resolve this issue.