5km Running eBook


Introducing my NEW 5km Running e-Book!

This eBook is a mindfully curated action plan to get you from 0 to 5km in 12 weeks.


Running! That word alone may bring the biggest smile to your face or it could have the complete opposite effect!

Let’s be honest, not everyone loves running however like any skill, you can teach yourself to give it a go.

This might be your first time running, or a return to running, so whatever the reason I’m here to help you along the way. This eBook provides all the basics you need to get up to 5km over a 12 week period.

So, let’s hop to it!

Enjoy, Han x


p.s I recommend downloading this on your computer. If you download it on your phone or tablet – please open your browser app such as Safari, it will be sitting in there for you to use then please save the PDF file as the link will expire.


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