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Fruit Infused Water

Did you know? Water is an essential part of a healthy balanced diet.

Our bodys are made up of between 50% and 80% of water. All the body’s chemical processes take place in water. We need water for digestion, to absorb nutrients, to help us move, get rid of waste products and to regulate our body temperature.

As a general rule, men need about 10 cups of fluids every day and women need about 8 cups (add another cup a day if you are pregnant or breastfeeding).

Make drinking water fun and tasty with this yummy Infused Water recipe

Try these Infused Flavours: 


  1. Grab a mason jar or water jug 
  2. Cut up your favourite fruit
  3. Add some ice cubes
  4. Pour in some cold water 
  5. Leave overnight in the fridge for extra infusion
  6. Enjoy!

Enjoy this recipe! yum 😋


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