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Yummy home made nice clean chocolate pie
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Clean Chocolate Cream Pie

Kicking off the week with a nice wee clean chocy pie! Very simple recipe and place it in the freezer (or else you’ll eat it all!)!

Yummy home made nice clean chocolate pie
Cook Time (10 mins)
Prep Time (10 mins)
Serves - 4 people

The Recipe!

Base Ingredients

  • 1/ cup dates
  • 1 x cup almonds
  • 2 x T cacao powder 
  • 1/4 x cup coconut
  • 2 x T coconut oil (melted)
  • 1/2 x cup chopped dark Whittaker Chocolate

Base Method

  1. Place dates in boiling water for 30mins
  2. Add drained dates to food processor & then all the other ingredients & blend until combined 
  3. Press mixture into a greased & lined springform pie tin
  4. Put in freezer

Filling Ingredients

  • 1 x packet of tofu
  • 2 x T cacao powder
  • 2 x T honey
  • 2 x T coconut oil (melted)

Filling  Method

  1. Add everything into food processor
  2. Combine until creamy 
  3. Pour into base & freeze
  4. Cut into pieces & serve

*topping is cacao nibs


Fun Facts About Chocolate

  • Chocolate wasn’t always solid, or sweet.
  • It took 8 years to develop the recipe for milk chocolate.
  • A little doesn’t go a long way when it comes to cacao beans.
  • White chocolate really isn’t chocolate.
  • Chocolate is great for your teeth

Enjoy making (and eating) this delicious recipe...
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